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3 Idiots Full Hd Movie Free Download 1080p

3 Idiots Full HD Movie Free 1080p

3 Idiots Full HD Movie Free 1080p

3 Idiots is a 2009 Indian comedy-drama film directed by Rajkumar Hirani, starring Aamir Khan, R. Madhavan, Sharman Joshi, Kareena Kapoor, Omi Vaidya and Boman Irani. The film is loosely based on the novel Five Point Someone by Chetan Bhagat and follows the lives of three engineering students who challenge the rigid norms of the Indian education system. The film was a huge commercial and critical success, becoming the highest-grossing Indian film of all time until 2013 and winning several awards, including six Filmfare Awards and three National Film Awards.


If you are looking for a way to watch 3 Idiots full HD movie free 1080p, you have come to the right place. In this article, we will show you how to stream or download the movie legally and safely, without any risk of malware or viruses. We will also provide some information about the movie, such as its plot, cast, trivia and reviews.

How to Watch 3 Idiots Full HD Movie Free 1080p

There are several options to watch 3 Idiots full HD movie free 1080p online. Here are some of the best ones:

  • : YouTube is one of the most popular platforms for watching videos online. You can find the official trailer and some clips of 3 Idiots on YouTube, as well as some fan-made videos and reviews. However, you cannot watch the full movie on YouTube for free, as it is not available in the public domain. You can either rent or buy the movie on YouTube for a reasonable price, depending on your region. You can also watch the movie with subtitles in various languages.

  • : Netflix is a leading streaming service that offers a wide range of movies and shows from different genres and countries. You can watch 3 Idiots full HD movie free 1080p on Netflix if you have a subscription. Netflix also allows you to download the movie offline and watch it later on your device. You can also enjoy the movie with subtitles and audio in different languages.

  • : Amazon Prime Video is another popular streaming service that offers a variety of movies and shows for its subscribers. You can watch 3 Idiots full HD movie free 1080p on Amazon Prime Video if you have a membership. You can also rent or buy the movie on Amazon Prime Video if you prefer. You can also watch the movie with subtitles and audio in different languages.

  • : Hotstar is an Indian streaming service that offers a lot of content from Bollywood and other regional industries. You can watch 3 Idiots full HD movie free 1080p on Hotstar if you have a subscription. You can also watch the movie with subtitles in various languages.

These are some of the legal and safe ways to watch 3 Idiots full HD movie free 1080p online. However, we advise you to avoid any illegal or pirated websites that claim to offer the movie for free, as they may contain harmful malware or viruses that can damage your device or compromise your privacy. Moreover, watching or downloading movies from such websites is a violation of intellectual property rights and may result in legal action.

About 3 Idiots Movie

Now that you know how to watch 3 Idiots full HD movie free 1080p online, let us give you some more information about the movie itself. Here are some of the details:


3 Idiots

Release date

25 December 2009 (India)




Rajkumar Hirani


Abhijat Joshi, Rajkumar Hirani, Chetan Bhagat (novel)


Vidhu Vinod Chopra


Shantanu Moitra


C. K. Muraleedharan


Rajkumar Hirani


171 minutes


55 crore (US$7.7 million)

Box office

460 crore (US$64 million)

Plot Summary

The movie begins with two friends, Farhan Qureshi (R. Madhavan) and Raju Rastogi (Sharman Joshi), who receive a call from their former college rival, Chatur Ramalingam (Omi Vaidya), who claims to have found their long-lost friend and roommate, Rancchoddas "Rancho" Shyamaldas Chanchad (Aamir Khan). They decide to go and meet him, while reminiscing about their college days.

The movie then flashes back to 10 years ago, when Farhan, Raju and Rancho joined the prestigious Imperial College of Engineering (ICE) in Delhi. They soon became friends and shared a room in the hostel. Rancho was a brilliant and unconventional student who challenged the orthodox methods of teaching and learning. He often clashed with the strict and arrogant dean of the college, Viru Sahastrabudhe (Boman Irani), nicknamed "Virus", who believed in rote learning and academic excellence. Rancho also fell in love with Virus's daughter, Pia (Kareena Kapoor), a medical student who was engaged to another doctor, Suhas Tandon (Sanjay Lafont).

The movie follows the adventures and misadventures of the three friends as they cope with the pressures of the education system, their personal lives and their dreams. Rancho inspires Farhan to pursue his passion for wildlife photography and Raju to overcome his fear of failure. He also helps Pia realize her true feelings for him and break up with Suhas. He also exposes the corruption and malpractices of the college and the education system, such as ragging, cheating, bribing and suicide.

The movie ends with a twist, revealing that Rancho was not actually an engineering student, but an orphaned servant boy who loved learning. He had taken the place of the real Rancchoddas Chanchad, the son of a wealthy businessman who hated studying. The real Chanchad had paid Rancho to attend college on his behalf, while he pursued his own interests abroad. Rancho had disappeared after graduation, leaving behind only his name.

Farhan and Raju are shocked by this revelation, but they are happy to find out that Rancho is now a successful inventor and teacher in Ladakh, under the name of Phunsukh Wangdu. They reunite with him and Pia, who had also tracked him down. Chatur, who had also come to meet Rancho, is humiliated when he realizes that he had been praising the wrong person all along. He also loses a bet with Rancho that he had made 10 years ago, about who would be more successful after graduation.

The movie ends with Farhan, Raju, Pia and Rancho flying kites together on a hilltop, celebrating their friendship and happiness.

Cast and Characters

  • Aamir Khan as Rancchoddas "Rancho" Shyamaldas Chanchad / Phunsukh Wangdu: The protagonist of the movie, a genius and rebellious student who loves learning and inventing. He is actually an orphaned servant boy who took the place of the real Rancchoddas Chanchad in college.

  • R. Madhavan as Farhan Qureshi: One of Rancho's friends and roommates, an aspiring wildlife photographer who was forced to study engineering by his father.

Sharman Joshi Here is the continuation of the HTML article on the topic: "3 Idiots full HD movie free 1080p" Trivia and Reviews

3 Idiots is not only a movie, but also a source of entertainment and inspiration for many people. The movie has many interesting trivia and reviews that you may not know. Here are some of them:

  • The movie was shot in reverse, the present-day scenes were shot first and then the college scenes .

  • Aamir Khan's character Rancho says in the movie that people study engineering, then management, and then become bankers, so what is the whole point of studying engineering. This is exactly what Chetan Bhagat (the author of 'Five Point Someone', the book from which the movie has been adapted) did. He studied engineering from IIT, management from IIM, and became a banker.

  • The role of Rancho was initially offered to Shah Rukh Khan, but he declined it due to scheduling conflicts. Aamir Khan was then cast as Rancho.

  • Aamir Khan never stands still in the entire movie. He is always swaying in some direction. Apparently, he concluded that the new generation of kids never stand still after observing his nephew.

  • The movie received critical acclaim and positive reviews from both critics and audiences. It has a rating of 100% on Rotten Tomatoes based on 14 reviews, with an average score of 8.4/10. It also has a rating of 8.4/10 on IMDb based on over 350,000 votes. Some of the praises for the movie are:

  • "Flaws aside, 3 Idiots is an entertaining comedy-drama that's worth seeing for a thoroughly charming central performance by Aamir Khan." - Matthew Turner, ViewLondon

  • "Despite its flaws, 3 Idiots conveys a powerful message about how valuable your friends can be when they push you toward reaching your own highest potential." - Lisa Tsering, Hollywood Reporter

  • "This is the sort of movie you'll take home with a smile and a song on your lips." - Mayank Shekhar, Hindustan Times

"A fabulous ac


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