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  • When will my order will arrive?
    Please be aware that there may be shipping delays due to Covid-19 All hoops are custom made, the general time it takes to make an order is between 1-5 business days depending on the number of orders before yours. Please contact us if you would like a more accurate estimate Australia post generally delivers in 3-5 business days and 1-3 business days for express shipping International customers please allow 5-15 business days for shipping If you require your hoop faster, there is an expedited shipping upgrade you can purchase from the upgrades section of the store
  • How do I care for my hoop?
    Do not leave your hoop in the sun or in hot cars as this can encourage it to warp Do not coil down smaller sized hoops completely, they are only able to be partially coiled If your hoop gets salt water on it, rinse it with fresh water as soon as possible as salt will corrode the metal hardware in the hoop. It is advised to not expose taped hoops to water at all as it will damage the tape. The best way to store a hoop is flat on the ground (out of the way where nobody will step on it accidentally). If this is not possible, hanging it is next best but be sure to turn the hoop every so often so it does not warp It is advised to avoid hooping on harsh surfaces such as concrete as this will scratch your hoop Be sure to clean your hoops by wiping them down with a damp cloth every so often
  • What size hula hoop do I need?
    This greatly depends on the type of hooping you would like to do and your body type. It's important to remember that there is no ‘one size fits all’ but there are some general guidelines you can follow. For beginner and on-body hula hoops, a heavier, larger Polyethylene, HDPE and/or taped 3/4 hoop is best as the weight and size make the hoop spin slower which in turn makes it easier to keep the hoop spinning on your body. If you are just starting out and would like to focus on learning on-body hooping, you can roughly measure from around your belly button to your toes which will give you an approximate diameter size of 36” (91.4cm) - 40” (101.6cm). This is just a rough measurement guide, if you are naturally taller or shorter you will have to either add or subtract a few inches from this measurement. If you are looking for an in-between hoop for on-body and off-body tricks, it is generally recommended to choose something between 30” to 35”, go bigger if you would like to focus on on-body and smaller if you would like to focus on off-body/tech tricks. If you are looking to learn a more off-body/tech style of hooping, a general beginner rule is to measure the distance between your fingertips when they are crossed over your body (see photo below) as this will allow you to learn ghosting isolation moves. If you are still struggling to figure out which size you would like, or you would like a size smaller or larger than the listed options on the website, please contact us
  • What's the difference between the tubing thicknesses?
    3/4 tubing is the heaviest and thickest tubing available. It is perfect for both beginners and experienced hoopers depending on the style of hooping 5/8 tubing is thin, light and responsive. It is commonly used among more experienced hoopers that prefer less weight and like to hoop fast 11/16 is also called ‘goldilocks’ tubing. It is the thickness of 5/8 and the weight of 3/4. This tubing thickness is perfect for all hoopers, especially those who are looking to mix off-body and on-body/tech hooping styles
  • Whats the difference between Polypro and HDPE?
    Polypro is a harder plastic that is light, springy and responsive to quick direction changes and tech moves. It is, however, more likely to crack in the cold as it is more brittle. HDPE is a softer type of plastic that is heavier, more flexible and absorbs impact well. It is less likely to crack in the cold but more likely to warp out of shape in warmer climates.
  • What's the difference between the grip options?
    You may want to add grip to your hoop to help it stick to your body and prevent it from slipping. We offer three different types of grip. Sanding, low profile grip tape and gaffer tape Sanding is the most long lasting and customisable grip option. It is the free grip option we provide, if selected we will send you a piece of sandpaper to sand the hoop to your preference. Sanding can also be combined with hoop wax for more strong grip if required. Low profile grip tape is the most grippy option we stock, it is clear and has raised bumps on the surface that can be very useful for both on and off-body hooping Gaffer tape is also an effective and popular grip option made from cotton-based cloth and adhesive. It is important to note that it wears off and gets dirty faster so will need to be replaced more often than the other grip options Gaffer and Low Profile Grip Tape are most effective when applied to the inside circumference of the hoop. Gaffer can also be spiralled around the hoop
  • Taped or Bare?
    When deciding whether to get a taped or bare hoop, it is important to consider where you will be using the hoop. If you will be hooping on concrete or hard surfaces, it is highly recommended to choose a bare hoop Taped hoops are heavier than bare hoops and although they look super pretty, they scuff easily and will soon look very beaten when used on hard surfaces. Even with protective tape, care must be taken when using taped hoops If you are going to buy a taped hoop, it is highly recommended to add on protective tape as the tape by itself will not last very long with regular use It is also important to keep in mind the environmental impacts of taped hoops. Every scuff or scratch on your taped hoop will release microplastics into the environment. Please be aware of this, be cautious with your taped hoops, only use them on softer surfaces or for performances and do not take your taped hoops into water with you (ocean, lake, creek etc)
  • My hoop is wonky!
    Don't stress, this is easy to fix and common for hoops to bend slightly out of shape during shipping or storage. There are several ways you can get your hoop back into a circle shape If you have just received your hoop, please ensure that you leave it disconnected to breathe for at least a few hours Leaving your hoop out on a flat surface in the sun on a hot day for a couple of hours or using a hairdryer will warm the tubing, from there it will allow you to gently manipulate the tubing to bend it back into shape Spinning the hoop on your waist can also help it so retain its circle shape If you are still having issues after trying these, please contact us with photos and we will be more than happy to assist you
  • Why do you use push button connectors?
    Push button connectors are the most secure way of connecting a hoop together preventing it from snapping/popping open while hooping It also allows an easy way to coil down hoops for travel/transport and only adds a very small amount of weight to the hoop
  • Do you stock budget hoops, tapes and heavier tubing than HDPE?"
    Yes we have some options available. Please contact us if you are looking for budget tapes, hoops or polyethylene hoops (sturdier material used for larger and heavier on-body hoops)
  • Can I make a tape or tubing request?
    Yes of course. If you are after a particular colour tubing or tape, please contact us and we will see what we can do for you
  • Is shipping calculated based on weight?
    Yes. shipping estimates are calculated by weight. International orders will recieve a shipping estimate at checkout. Pelase be aware this is only an estimate and will be able to be more accurately estimated once the exact postcode and products being sent are confimed. We will be in contact with you if your shipping estimate differs from the actual cost.
  • What regions do you ship to?
    Anywhere in the world! If at checkout you are unable to get a shipping estimate please contact us with your postcode, country and order and we will be able to sort that out for you
  • Can I pick up my order if I am located in Sydney?
    Yes, this will depend on availability though. Please send me a message and I will organise this with you.
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