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At Ouroboros Movement, we acknowledge the impact we have on the planet and understand that due to the materials hoops are made from, they can be detrimental to the environment. To mitigate this impact, we offer warranty and repairs to help keep our hoops in loving use and out of landfill, they are also made from the highest quality materials and are built to last.


All hoops come with a 6 month warranty which comes with 6 months free repair services. If it breaks, please contact us with photos so we can organise repairs. If the hoop is less than 6 months old and cannot be fixed, we will replace the hoop for half price with another hoop of equal or lesser value. If something happens to your hoop after this period, we can repair it for a fee depending on the damage and materials required to fix it. If repair is not possible, we can use the pieces to create a new travel hoop or alternatively, if broken beyond repair, tubing can be cut up and put in the recycling bin.

If you have a broken hoop that was not purchased from Ouroboros Movement, we can still attempt to fix it. We can also breathe new life into old hoops. If you have a hoop that needs retaping, downsizing or upsizing, please contact us.

To further improve our impact on the planet, we will not be printing any promotional material to be included in orders. All correspondence will be sent to you via email and all care information for your hoop can found on our website in our FAQ. We are also requesting that our suppliers do not send us any unnecessary packaging.


Additionally, we are trying to minimise our packaging impact. We want to reuse the cardboard that we receive our stock in. If you contact us prior to making your order stating that you'd like to use repurposed cardboard, we can let you know if there is availability and if so, we will send you a free shipping code (Free shipping only available in Australia, discounted shipping will be available for overseas orders)

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