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Total Commander 7.03 CZ Crack

Total Commander 7.03: A Powerful File Manager for Windows

If you are looking for a simple and efficient way to manage your files on your computer, you might want to try Total Commander. Total Commander is one of the most advanced file managers, allowing you to quickly and easily perform various operations on your files with a range of features and tools. It is also one of the most popular file managers in the world, according to statistics.

One of the main advantages of Total Commander is its price. You can use it for free even after the 30-day trial period expires. You just have to accept a brief introductory dialog box every time you launch the program.

Download File:

Two Windows for Easier File Navigation

The basic interface of Total Commander consists of two windows. In each window, you can view all your available drives and disks, whether they are physical or virtual. You can also access the surrounding network units (such as other computers) from here. In the bottom bar, you can always see the name of the unit, its maximum size, and the size of the available free space.

External Archivers for Faster File Processing

Among the drives, you can use simple commands to move or copy files, change their names and properties, and more. In this regard, you will also appreciate the external archivers. You can unzip compressed files with one click, and you can also do the reverse process. The most commonly used archiver is WinRAR, which allows you to easily decompress and compress RAR files.

Customizable Buttons for More Convenience

Above the overview of the disks, you will also find a fairly wide range of buttons. However, you can customize them according to your needs and preferences. Just select Configuration - Options ... And then create a shortcut for any function - such as folders that you open most often. For example, you can create a function to display and hide hidden files with one click. You can also use an asterisk to create favorite folders, etc. This way, you will save yourself a lot of annoying and long clicking.

Total Commander - The Most Popular Features

Many features are already predefined, you just need to learn some simple keyboard shortcuts. The basic ones are displayed in the bottom bar. They are: F3 - View, F4 - Edit, F5 - Copy, F6 - Rename - Move, F7 - New Folder, F8 - Delete, Alt + F4 - Exit. But that's not all. There are many more preset options. Without any user intervention, you can also use:

  • SHIFT + F2 - directory comparison,

  • CTRL + F - launch FTP dialog box,

  • SHIFT + F6 - rename current file or folder,

  • CTRL + D access directories stored among favorites,

  • CTRL + M - batch rename files or folders,

  • ALT + F7 - search in current directory (including its subdirectories),

  • CTRL + T - create a bookmark.

Total Commander is optimized for Windows 10. If you do not find some function in Total Commander, you can get it by installing one of the plug-in modules. Previously, Total Commander was known as Windows Commander.

What's New in Version 7.03?

In September 2020, version 7.02 was replaced by version 7.03. There are a lot of fixes and improvements in this version, as you can see from the [changelog]. Some of the notable changes are:

  • Added option to show drive letter before drive name in drive buttonbar,

  • Added option to show size in bytes for very small files,

  • Added option to show icons from internal associations,

  • Added support for ZIP encryption with AES-256,

  • Added support for Unicode filenames in RAR archives,

  • Fixed problems with Vista's User Account Control (UAC).

If you want to download Total Commander 7.03, you can do so from the [official website] or from [Sluneč], where you can also find a Czech localization and a detailed review of the program.


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