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Download VST59 Software Part5 Rar

I have a Wansa Wisdom Share Smart Cloud LED (1920*1080) Model WLE43F7760S. The main board for Android is TP.MS338.PB801. This TV is made in china and remote is of Wansa brand so i am guessing it is also a made in china remote. I saw all your downloadable softwares but the one that seems fine to me was TP.MS338.PB801_1920x1080_Samsung_Tested.part 1 to 5. I have already downloaded this software and copied the way your video instructed. The problem that i am facing here is that when i connect this USB to my Wansa LED and turn it on through the power button on the remote, it does not take from the usb drive but instead goes to that wisdom share logo screen and after a minute or so the LED switches off again.

Download VST59 Software part5 rar


Salam Sir first of all for thanks for providing good platform for discussion along with suggestions and solutions which helps users alot.yesterday i downloaded TP.MS338.PB 801_1920x1080_Samsung_Tested.Part1 to Part 5 and used in my 55 inch 4K Resolution China LED having wisdom share. i used these downloaded parts now Led is working well but the resolution is little bit low as compare to old software kindly suggest me software according to my LED requirement i will wait for your guidance thanks

Sir I have ikon ik-e40dfs, I have downloaded the software for it, but I dont know how to start the update. I have tried plugging first the usb, then plugging the TV into standby mode, pressing power button, and pressing volumes up and down, but nothing works. Please help. Thank you!

I watched your video and downloaded no. 37 software. Uploaded it to the USB and plugged it into the TV. Even though, after plugging the tv to the power, it doesnt start the set-up. only the NIKAI logo and wisdomshare logos are appearing same as previous. Help me with this. Let me know the correct software to download.

I have downloaded the file and as per video upgraded your software from USB and done 100% installation, but after that my TV is showing Blank Screen only, Pahle ye Wonder Share screen pe ruk jaya karta tha, par ab to kuch nai dikhta sirf black screen aati hai, kripya Help Kare?

Thank you for reply, I tried it all but still stuck on the android on the screen. Even I downloaded Master Upgrade same issue ?I think software damaged and USB can not access.I will never buy this brand ever again.

Note: The following firmware is a dump backup. Kazmi Elecom Team is not responsible for any type of damage/loss as a result of uploading/downloading the firmware. If you are new and do not have enough knowledge of loading or installing software/firmware or dump files then read here first.

HelloMy Wansa Smart TV (WLE50F7762SN) is stuck on wisdom share logo. I tried to download the software file but the file is not found. please send me a link for software file.Thank you in advance. 041b061a72


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